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Kia Ora! Welcome to EnvironMenstruals.

About EnvironMenstruals

Me: Anna-Maria Covich, "Boss Lady"

My background is in biological sciences (I have a degree in Microbiology and Zoology) and Social sciences (I have another couple

of degrees in Gender Studies, including an MA). I'm very interested in the way that technologies and 'things,' and the ways we use them,

affect how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. I'm also very interested in the environment, environmental sociology and development, so you'll notice

that alternative menstrual products are a great fit for my interests.

When I'm not working in this business I have a full-time job to support my cup habit. having been a long time student, I understand and appreciate how much a little cost, or that same saving can potentially change a life.I am also aware of how hard it can be to come up with the outlay for an item like a cup, so I'm happy to work out payment options to suit a tight budget. If you want a cup but can't afford it up front, please talk to me, I'm sure we can work something out.

I have studied a little bit of alternative/natural medicine, and have a particular interest in ways of using traditional knowledge and modern technologies together. I hope to help women to find new ways to enjoy and appreciate their bodies, through this synthesis of the old and the new.

My path to reusable products

I first heard of menstrual cups back in about 1999-2000 when reading local spiritual zine. There was an article about ways of celebrating your menstrual cycle and it mentioned Mooncups. I didn't know anything about them and didn't know where to find them, so thought no more of it. Then in 2009 I was visited my mother and sister in Auckland, and they both raved about how good the cup was, but I still wasn't convinced.

In then end, I began using reusable products out of frustration. I was spending too much per month on menstrual products, and I didn't like what I was getting for my money. Cute tins or decorative boxes helped me feel better about the products, but they didn't overcome the fact that their contents were just not doing a good enough job. They dried me out, they made me itchy or even sore, and worst of all, they always leaked. One morning, after staining yet another set of clean sheets, I took my sister's advice and went looking for a cup. 

Only, I couldn't find one.

I did lots of research online, and looked everywhere for somewhere to buy one locally, but I couldn't find anything that would suit my body (I could find the Diva cup, but I knew this was going to be too long for my low cervix). It took me nearly a month to get my eager little hands on my first cup. Later I heard my friends, and women at the Women's Health Information Centre, complain of the same thing ... they wanted a cup, but couldn't find them locally and buying from overseas can cost so much!

So in July 2010, after helping a group of my friends to source menstrual cups, I started a home business to provide options to New Zealand women who wanted something better. Throwing caution to the wind, ignoring logic (and my thesis supervisors), I jumped in feet first... and so EnvironMenstruals came to be.


EnvironMenstruals' Logo
The EnvironMenstruals logo was designed by my lovely partner, Ryan Green, in accordance with my instructions and vision (You should also check out his other amazing artwork at www.ryangreen.co.nz).
The cup has a combination of traits from a variety of brands, so does not represent any one brand of cup. It has a map of New Zealand front and centre - since that's where I am, and where I sell, but also the map allows the cup to represent the Earth.
Ryan also helps me in the business. Anyone who has seen EnvironMenstruals at a market or expo has probably met Ryan. He has a great enthusiasm for my products and the benefits that they can bring to women. He knows about as much about menstruation and menstrual products as is possible for someone without a uterus or medical degree.
He comes along to every event I go to, to help with sales, carrying and setting up, and most important of all ... bringing me coffee. He also handles any orders that are to be collected in person.