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About Cloth Pads

  •  Because cloth pads can be washed and reused they will save you money.         
  • Being reusable means they are also better for the environment.
  • Rather than feeling like a wad of scratchy paper, cloth pads feellike an extension of your underwear.
  • They are so comfortable and cozy you may even miss wearing them when you don't need them.
Fun and Funky
  • Have you ever seen a disposable pad with robots on it?
  • Cloth pads can be really pretty and fun, not just plain, medical white.
  • Awesomely absorbant fabrics like bamboo and hemp mean that cloth pads can be ultra absorbent while snuggly comfortable.
  • Check out the night time pads - fanned designs to catch those annoying leaks and save your sheets.
Biodegradable/reclaimed fabric
  • When it does come time to throw them away, cloth pads are mostly biodegradable. Some pads will only leave behind their fasteners (others may leave the waterproof layer too).
  • Pads can be made from reclaim (recycled) fabrics. This means that even their production is less wasteful.
  • No nasty bleaches and glues to irritate your delicate pink bits. Cloth pads are made from the natural fibres that breathe, so your skin will love them.
  • Depending on the materials used, even leak proof pads may be more breathable than disposables.