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Other useful things to help you reduce your environmental impact.

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  1. wrapper

    Reusable, Beeswax Food wrappers


    Reusable sandwich wrappers made from 100% cotton cloth, beeswax and vegetable oils. Replace plastic wrap for wrapping your lunch, bowls of left overs, cheeses, fruit, and cut veges.

    Learn More
  2. Hand made shower cap

    Hand made shower cap


    Out of stock

    These cute shower caps will help you save water and time by keeping your hair dry while you bathe. Learn More
  3. PUL lunch set

    PUL lunch set


    washable, reusable sandwich bags to make your lunch environmentally friendly. Made from food safe PUL in bright, happy colours. These bags can be washed in a hot washing machine and tumble dried, or even washed in the dishwasher. Do not iron. Learn More
  4. Bamboo Rainbow tooth/cup brush

    Bamboo Rainbow tooth/cup brush


    Bamboo handled toothbrush for cleaning teeth or menstrual cups (not using the same brush for both please). Add cup wash and scrub the cup inside and out, clean holes and stem with an interdental/hole brush, and rinse well. Learn More
  5. Modibodi Period Underwear

    Modibodi Period Underwear


    Beautiful and functional line of underwear that provides light absorbency for periods and bladder leakage. Wonderfully soft and smooth fabric with a leak proof, absorbent gusset that still feels like normal panties. Back up a cup or use in place of a liner or light pad. Learn More

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  7. Scrubbies facial wipes (5 pack)

    Scrubbies facial wipes (5 pack)

    Terry wipes for applying cleanser, toner, or removal of makeup. There wee wipes can be used on their own with warm water for gentle cleansing and exfoliation, or paired with your favourite cleansing products. Made from cotton terry cloth these replace disposable cotton pads in your make up and skin care regime Learn More

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