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  1. Swipe lovin' wipes - on the go pack

    Swipe lovin' wipes - on the go pack


    They are very gentle, so they are suitable for use directly on your skin. Swipes Lovin Wipes® towelettes are designed for the intentions of cleaning up before or after 'intimate moments,' so they are designed to be safe for use on the sensitive skin around the vagina.

    With the softest eco-friendly and all natural ingredients, and individually sealed, they are a great product to keep in your handbag for cup cleaning when you're out and about.
    Unlike most other cup wipes, these wipes are not disinfecting. They are an alternative to rinsing, but should not be used as an alternative to proper cleaning.

    Lovin On The Go package contains 2 individual wrapped Original Cucumber Scent wipes AND 2 individual wrapped Unscented wipes.

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  2. kegal balls

    Pink kegal toner balls


    These balls are a sexy modern twist on the kegel balls. Inside each ball there is a metal rolling weight that creates a natural swirling motion as you squeeze your PC muscles and shift your body. Each ball is connected by its smooth silicone coating, and the soft durable string makes them easy to remove. Learn More
  3. tracker

    Cycle tracking calendar


    A3 sized poster for tracking your cycle.

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  4. Shield Gel personal lubricant

    Shield Gel personal lubricant

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    A little bit of water based lubricant can help with insertion of a new menstrual cup or kegal balls. Learn More
  5. soft-tampon

    Soft-Tampon - single

    Out of stock

    Soft-Tampon - Single use, disposable, sterile sponge.
    Original Soft-Tampons are designed to allow intercourse during menstruation (these are the preferred product of many sex workers for this purpose). In addition they are ideal to wear in the sauna, at sports and all other activities.

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  6. Instead Softcup - sign up for notification of new stock

    Instead Softcup - sign up for notification of new stock


    Out of stock

    A disposable menstrual cup that allows mess free period sex.

    This product is temporarily unavailable as it changes ownership and new distribution agreements are negotiated by the new manufacturer. I will be gettign them back in as soon as I can, but I cannot give an ETA at this stage.



    If you would like an alternative product for intercourse during your period, I currently have disposable sponges (called Soft Tampons). These are more expensive than Instead Softcups were when I had them, but they are still the product of choice used by sex workers.

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