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The Diva Cup-Small

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Quick Overview

One of the first silicone cups, The Diva is synonymous with menstruals cups. It is FDA approved and has been available since the 1980s.

Long, narrow bodied design and high capacity.

The Diva Cup-Small


Every DivaCup order includes a discreet drawstring carry bag, full Instructions, and an extra pamphlet to share. It also includes a pretty, exclusively designed, Diva pin with silver accents.

Model 1: For women under 30 years old who have never delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

The Model 1 cup is 1 11/16" (~4.3 cm) in diameter and the Model 2 cup is 1 13/16" (~4.6 cm) in diameter. Both cups are approximately 2 1/4" (~5.7 cm) in length in the body of the cup, with another 3/8" (~1 cm) stem (2 5/8" total length). The stem may be trimmed to adjust for comfort.

Model 2: For women over 30 years old and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

Diva recommend Model 2 if you are 30 or over 30 years old, because as we age, our hips naturally widen and the vaginal muscles lose elasticity. Because the vaginal muscles hold The DivaCup in place, it is important to use Model 2 if you are over 30, even if you have not had childbirth.

There is a small difference between the two sizes (Model 1 is 1/8" (~0.3 cm) smaller), but it is important to use the recommended sizing to prevent leakage.

Additional Information

Size Small
Capacity 20ml to the holes, 23ml to the rim
Cup length Long (>55mm)
Max Capacity Low - 15-22ml = 2 tampons
Body shape V or 'narrow body'
Width 43mm
Stiffness /10 (1=soft) 2
Measuring Lines Yes
Colours Available Clear/White
Colour No

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