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Why Reusable?

The Products:

I stock the major brands of menstrual cups (Diva, Lunette, Fleurcup, Femmecup, MeLuna, Mooncup, Lady/ColourCups etc), and many of the newer brands. I am also currently the only NZ supplier for a number of these brands. I try to stock all brands of cups available to NZ.
In addition to those I make myself, I also stock a number of New Zealand made cloth pads and some that I import from around the world. I am always interested in stocking new pads lines, so if you are intested in becoming a supplier, please let me know.
All of my products can be purchased online through the web store, or from me directly. If you need help selecting the right cup, or would like to see some samples before you buy (Christchurch only, sorry), contact me to arrange a personal consultation at no charge.
Why reusable products? They're better for your health.
Not only are menstrual cups and washable cloth pads better for your health than disposable menstrual products, but they can also be a special, fun item that makes you feel happy because you enjoy seeing or using it.
Disposable menstrual products are linked to a variety of health concerns, such as Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), vaginal yeast and bacterial infections, and urinary tract infections.
Reusable products don't contain any nasty bleaches, solvents or glues, so won't irritate your most sensitive areas. Cloth pads are available in organic and undyed, unbleached varieties for the extra sensitive.
 Menstrual cups are all made from medical grade materials that are non-absorbant and easily cleaned, so they will not upset your natural pH or dry you out. There are no recorded cases of menstrual cups causing TSS.
Why reusable products? They're better for your wallet.
Reusable menstrual products, treated well, can last their owner up to 10 years! Many products will pay for themselves in a matter of month, and almost all within a year.
Even if you only spend, a conservative $13 per month on disposable sanitary products (That's about 1/2 a packet of pads, 1 packet of tampons, plus panty liners), you could be buying up to a kg of chocolate per month instead! If you don't spend it, you can easily save about $1,500 over the lifetime of your reusable products. That may not sound like a lot, but added to your kiwisaver, or your mortgage payments, it will make a huge difference.
(I suggest visiting www.sorted.org.nz to find out how much more you could have if you saved your tampon money each month).
Why reusable products? They're better for your planet.
Over her lifetime, the average western woman will use and throw away around 10,000 disposable pads and tampons.
These will cost her thousands of dollars and contribute a approximately 600L and 100 kg of waste to landfill.
In addition to eliminating the need for all of this regular waste, reusable products themselves are made from eco-friendly materials.
Cloth pads can be up to 100% biodegradable, depending on the fabric options selected. Many have the super renewable fibres of bamboo or hemp in their absorbency layers, and some use water resistant wool in their backing.
Menstrual cups are made out of 3 possible materials, medical grade silicon, Thermoplastic Elastimer, or Natural Rubber. These 3 products are all either recyclable, or biodegradable, and some can be incinerated to reduce landfill volume.