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Shewee is the urinating device that allows anyone without a penis to urinate whilst standing or sitting, without removing clothes. Stand in a public toilet cubicle or urinal, or use it when there is no toilet available.

The travel pack includes a Shewee funnel , extension pipe and case.

The extension pipe is an extra length pipe that fits easily to your Shewee funnel for use if you’re wearing bulky clothing or enjoy extreme winter sports.   The case makes for easy storage to keep all the parts neatly together. Tip! Need to travel light? Urine is sterile as it leaves the body, and the device plastic is easy to shake completely dry. so just take your Shewee without the case.

SHEWEE is the ORIGINAL ‘female’ urinating device since 1999!   Use your SHEWEE to urinate whilst standing.   The Flexi + Case comes with a carry case and an extension tube.

DON’T SQUAT – Stand up and take control, and avoid the filthy festival portable loos, and grim public toilets! Ideal for traffic jams, festivals, the military and MUCH more!

REUSABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Made from recyclable Polyolefin, use your extension pipe when wearing bulky clothing.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Practice in the shower before taking your Shewee on the road!

FUN & FREEDOM – To pee anywhere with comfort and confidence, don’t let finding the nearest loo hold you back!


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